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More than mere vocabulary and syntax, language is the fundamental context of our human experience. It’s how we define ourselves and nurture relationships with the wider world. Language immersion is an experiential approach that supports this deeper encounter in ways beyond the reach of traditional classroom exercises.

Multiculturalism. International Cooperation. Global Economy.

Language immersion and cultural comprehension can play a critical role as students define their place in a world that is at once infinitely vast and vanishingly small. These twin disciplines represent a pathway to genuine understanding without which our all the available information is mere noise.

Defining Language Immersion

Language Programs in Metro Atlanta

There are approximately 47 language immersion programs in Metro Atlanta, both public and private. The majority of programs are in Spanish, but programs in Mandarin, French and German are growing rapidly as well.

  • French 12.5% 12.5%
  • German 7% 7%
  • Mandarin 16.5% 16.5%
  • Spanish 64% 64%

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

Frank Smith

Contemporary Psycholinguist

World Figures Who Speak the Language

Many of the men and women who have influenced our modern world were empowered in part through their command of multiple languages and the ability to speak directly to the heart.

  • Mohandas Gandhi

    Indian Independence Leader

    Mahatma Gandhi was fluent in Hindi and English in addition to Gujarati, the native language of his birth region in India.
  • Amal Alamuddin Clooney

    Human Rights Activist

    Amal Clooney is conversant in the Arabic of her native Lebanon and fluent in English and French.
  • Albert Einstein


    Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein spoke the native German of his birth country and English of his adopted home in the United States. He was also conversant in French, Italian, and Latin.
  • Viggo Mortensen


    Viggo Mortensen was born in New York and lived abroad throughout his childhood. He's fluent in English, Danish, Spanish, and French.
  • J. R. R. Tolkien

    Professor of Philology and Author

    JRR Tolkein made the study of language his life's work as an Oxford professor and created a unique Elvish tongue for The Lord of the Rings. He was conversant in English, French, German, Spanish, Latin, Finnish, Welsh, and Anglo-Saxon.
  • Pope Francis

    Roman Catholic Pope

    Pope Francis is fluent in the Spanish of his native Argentina and the Italian of his family heritage. He's also conversant in German, French, Portuguese, and Latin.
  • Yo-Yo Ma


    Yo Yo Ma was born to Chinese parents in in Paris, France, and their family emigrated to New York when he was seven. He's fluent in Chinese, French, and English.
  • Sundar Pichai

    CEO, Google

    Born in India, Sundar Pichai is fluent in Tamil and conversant in Hindi in addition to the English of his adopted home in the United States.
  • Angela Merkel

    Chancellor, Germany

    Angela Merkel became fluent in Russian as an East German student and in English through the course of her political career.
  • Dalai Lama

    The 14th Dalai Lama

    Nobel Peace Prize winner Tenzin Gyatso is fluent in English and the Xining Mandarin dialect of his native Tibet.
  • Kobe Bryant

    Professional Athlete

    Kobe Bryant learned Italian and Spanish growing up in Italy where his father played professional basketball.
  • Nikola Tesla

    Engineer and Inventor

    Born in Croatia, Nikola Tesla was fluent in his native Serbo-Croatian and the German of his primary education. He was also conversant in Slovenian, Czech, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, and Latin.
  • Mother Teresa

    Catholic Nun and Humanitarian

    Nobel Peace Prize winner Mother Teresa was fluent in her native Albanian and conversant in Serbo-Croatian and English from her youth. She was also conversant in Hindi and Bengali through her Catholic service in India.
  • Martin Van Buren

    8th President, United States

    Martin Van Buren was born into the Dutch community of Kinderhook, New York, and learned English as a second language in the town schoolhouse.
  • Nelson Mandela

    President, South Africa

    Nobel Prize winner Nelson Mandela was fluent in the Xhosa language of his South African birth community. He became fluent in English during his primary education and Afrikaans during his political imprisonment.

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The All-American Language

The United States has no official language, although English is the dominant language. English is an official language with recognized status in 51 different countries, making it the most common official language.

How Can Language Immersion Benefit Your Child?

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Language Immersion ATL is a collaboration between Station16 and the Atlanta International School. Our goal is to encourage the learning of multiple languages in our globalized, interconnected world. We believe that immersion is a powerful method of language learning.

This project seeks to provide information to Atlanta-area parents as they investigate the options for multilingual education for their children.

Atlanta International School has been a leader in multilingual education for more than 30 years and wants to support all students in learning through more than one language. AIS believes multilingual learning is a key component of culture heritage and intercultural competency.